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Welcome in a digital world, controlled by apps.

Our hardware products

All products are plug and play.  You only need to connect them to the internet and you can start using our CloudRelays API server.  If you need more than 8 relays for your project, simply add another relay board to your application and you’re good to go!

2 channel relay board

This is the smallest device, it’s a 2 channel relay board.

4 channel relay board

This is our mid range 4 channel relay board

8 channel relay board

This is our largest relay board with 8 channels




About CloudRelays

Our technical engineers configured a range of very nice products for you so you can build your own digital world controlled by apps. Just order your own CloudRelays box, connect it with the internet and use our API to control it.

You’ll love it to open doors, manage your lights, build home automation or whatever you can imagine.

It’s really plug and play!

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